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Chisinau - Moldova

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10 reasons to invest in Moldova

Moldova is world's 5th country with lowest exposure to global financial crisis According to the The Banker, Moldova is the 5th country in world with lowest exposure to the current financial crisis. Top 4 countries in the ranking are Norway, Russia, Kuwait and Singapore. Moldova is ranked 5th as its banks have high capital-to-asset ratios and low levels of lending.

laborforce economy

1. Strategic location bridging EU and CIS and Moldova's EU integration efforts
2. Cheap and qualified labor
3. Attractive operating and living costs
4. Access to the Black Sea through Giurgiulesti International Free Port
5. Moldova is party to international trade agreements and systems
6. Ongoing privatization process
7. Tax incentives for large investment and a decreasing tax burden including for foreign investors
8. Stable economy
9. Openness to foreign investment
10. Logistical, transport and communication infrastructure

Please find more on Moldova's opportunities and strengths in our Investment Guide section
In addition to our independent opinion, please find below the reasons to invest in Moldova according to Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation

Reasons to invest in Moldova according to Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation (MIEPO)
Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation - a Government organisation that directly reports to the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Moldova

1. Freedom of Investments
2. Non-Discriminatory Investment Environment
3. Transparency
4. Guarantees of Investors' Rights
5. Guarantee Against Loss
6. Resolution of Disputes
7. Other Rights


Investments in Moldova

Represented investors from Israel, Europe, United States, and Romania for multiple purchases of real-estate properties designated for residential and commercial development;
* Represented interests of the Turkish investment company RMC CIMENTO SANAYI VE TICKARET LTD during negotiations with the Transnistrian Government to establish a joint venture for the production of cement;
* Represented interest of the USA company DotMD Inc. during negotiations with the Government of the Republic of Moldova for the right to commercialize and use the Domain Name (MD);
* Provided consulting services and conduct due-diligence study for UPS Europe S.A. for the acquisition of the local expediting company;
* Developed corporate documentation for the establishment of a joint venture between "France Telecom Mobiles" and "Moldavian Mobile Telephone" as the Moldavian GSM company VOXTEL;
* Represented interests of the German company "SUDZUCKER International GmbH" and provide consulting and legal services during acquisition and subsequent merger of five sugar factories in Moldova;
* Developed corporate documentation and provide legal assistance during establishment of the joint venture between former military industrial facility "Mezon" S.A. and "Pharmaplan GmbH", a subsidiary of "Frizeniuos";
* Provided consulting and trustee services to the USA investor regarding participation in the privatization tender for acquisition of the film studio "Moldova-Film";
Provided legal services for Israel investor to privatize a tourism concern "Moldova-Tur S.A."

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