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Although it has a small area, the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination has a great potential represented first of all by the geomorphologic aspect of its territory, an unusual diversity of landscape reservations or scenery and unique geological monuments of European and world value.

Over the last decade the priority forms of tourism in the Republic of Moldova have been: rural, wine, cultural tourism, health and beauty Tourism.

Rural rural

Rural Tourism Moldova

Moldova is agricultural and picturesque countryside proposes various services for tourists wishing to stay in the middle of the nature:

- offering the tourists traditional, rural-style accommodation;
- providing them the opportunity to enjoy country pursuits and activities;
- making them acquainted with the local folklore, entertainment and traditions;
- displaying handicrafts to the tourists and giving them the opportunity to participate in their production;
- offering handicrafts for purchase.

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The Dew of Moldova's Codri

Moldova are famous not only of its wine traditions but also of its oldest monasteries. We propose you to visit the oldest monasteries in Moldova: Capriana(1427), Varzaresti (1420) and Hincu( 17th century).

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manastire hirjauca

Tour Moldova Monasteries

Tour of Moldavian monasteries is focused on Calarasi region and involves all four monasteries included in the route: "Raciula", "Frumoasa", "Hirbovat", "Hirjauca.

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manastire hincu

Tour Chisinau Capriana Hincu

This tourist route will pass in priority through the large forest " Codru" . In this beautiful places are located some monasteries of Moldova, namely " Capriana" and " Hincu".

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cricova cricova1

Wine Collections.Wine Tours Moldova.

Moldova have a big wine patrimony, visitors can choose any of 15 collections stored in cellars. The total quantity of wine stored in these cellars varies from 10-50 thousand to 1 million bottles of selected "Divines" and wines.

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codri codri

Tour Chisinau-Leova, (Valul lui Traian)Cahul The Lower Prut, Albota , Besalma, Chisinau

In the south of Moldova from Nistru to Prut Rivers is ranged "Bugeac Steppe". Historically, Budjak was bordered by the northern Trajan's Wall at its north end, by the Danube river and Black Sea to its south, and by Tigheci Hills to the west, and Nistru river to the east, it was known as historic Bessarabia. On this small peace of land you will discover a lot about Moldova's history.

Our trip will start in Chisinau,(capital of Moldova, the historical, cultural, political, educational center of Moldova), during our way to Leova we will pass through beautiful area of Codri forest, the biggest forest in Moldova.

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Wine Road Drum1

Wine Tours Moldova.

It's known since ancient times that the Moldovan vineyards are getting rich off of table grapes with curative qualities and natural wines for the most refined tastes. Here every guest of the Republic can taste the sweetness, flavor, aroma of wines from European varieties so recognized, as are Chardonnay, Pinot, Riesling, Cabernet, Aligote, as well as quality wines from indigenous rare grapes like Black Feteasca, Plava .

The names of these drinks are assigned according to the sort of grapes or winery name. Moldovan wineries, Purcari, Cricova Plague, Romanian, Cojusna, Milestii Small and Moldovan wines are known on the international market, being both so cherished in royal meals on your tables, in luxury salons and exhibitions.

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Vinarii vermut

Vermouths. Balsamic Wines and Sherries( Heres)

It is considered that the best Vermouth are in Italy, but also those produced in Moldova are highly appreciated by experts and consumers. Sometimes experts believe that Moldovan vermouth is superior quality because of its individuality, in the process of their production are used a variety of flowers, spices and herbs and roots of trees.

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wine wine

Wine Tourism

Vineyards also constitute attractions of the countryside.
Over centuries Moldova has gained rich traditions of growing grapes and wine production.
There are 142 wineries in the Republic of Moldova, of which 23 have experience and facilities to receive visitors.
Here tourists can experience and learn about the complex production processes, see bottling and, of course, sample the final product.
The Republic of Moldova’s wine enjoys a good reputation internationally for its quality.

As a wine country, the Republic of Moldova offers visitors opportunities to choose their favorite itineraries: underground cellars and towns, wine storage facilities, wine processing factories, production processes of sparkling wine, divin, heres, balsam, etc.
Combined with the vineyards that surround them into the tourist route "The Wine Road in the Republic of Moldova", the wineries represent a substantial reason to visit the country.
They are also means of promoting the Moldova's best tourism product.

folclor folclor

Cultural Tourism Moldova

The Republic of Moldova has a rich cultural heritage which may be of great interest to tourists.
140 cultural heritage sites may be included in the tourist circuit.
The earliest visible remains of the built heritage are Geto-Dacian sites and Roman fortifications.
The remains of medieval fortresses, archaeological complexes such as Orheuil Vechi, cave monasteries, nobles’ mansions and peasant houses offer a diversity of visitor attractions.
Chisinau, the capital city, features a good number of cultural heritage monuments, fine examples of domestic architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, which might be considered as tourist attractions as well.

arca arca The Republic of Moldova has 87 museums with rich collections of art.
Additionally, museums are mostly housed in buildings of a special architectural importance.
All of these have their specialist audiences, but at least 20 are of interest to the general public.

Part of the national tourist product is the variety of cultures represented in different parts of the country.
The Republic of Moldova is an amalgam of many nationalities and cultures with many traditions, languages, folklore, cooking, etc.
There are over 880 folk music groups in the Republic of Moldova, most of them reflecting the distinct traditions of their districts and ethnic origins.
It is worth mentioning the national craftsmanship both because of cultural value and also because it supplies souvenirs for tourists. Tourism Moldova.

health health

Health and Beauty Tourism Moldova

The existing balneo-climateric (SPA) health resorts in the Republic of Moldova could become a substantial balneo-therapeutic and tourist product internationally, provided that a proper infrastructure would be created.
The best premises in this regard have the "Bucuria" health resort from Vadul lui Voda, "Codru" health resort from Hirjauca village, Calarasi district, and especially "Nufarul Alb" health resort from Cahul.

stomatologie dinti

Dentistry in Moldova

Dentistry in Moldova reached a very high level of development and dentists are trained to perform dental operations or costly interventions. In 2010 prices for dental services will remain at the same level as in the current year we expect even a slight reduction in prices of dental services. Currently, dental clinics in Chisinau are prepared to make any dental intervention. However, prices for dental services rendered in Moldova are 90% lower than in Italy. Prices for services vary depending on the complexity of dental treatment and may even reach several thousand euros. see more.

Tourist attractions from the Republic of Moldova:

Natural monuments: Prut Toltres, Natural unity "The Hundred Knolls", "Emil Racovita" Cave, Taul Park.

Reservations: "Padurea din Domneasca" Reservation, "Codrii" Reservation, "Iagorlic" Reservation, "Prutul de Jos" Reservation, "Plaiul Fagului" Reservation.

Museums: "Alexei Mateevici" House & Museum, "Alexandr Pushkin" House & Museum, "Constantin Stamati" House & Museum, Igor Vieru House and Museum, Museum Complex "Old Orhei", National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, National Archaeology and History Museum of Moldova, the Museum of Popular Art, National Gagauz history and ethnographic museum "Dumitru Cara Ciobanu".

Country estates: "Zamfir Ralli Arbore" Mansion, the Hunting Castle of Manuc Bei

Monasteries and Churches: Capriana Monastery, Hincu Monastery, Rudi Monastery, Saharna Monastery, Tipova Monastery, Curchi Monastery, Frumoasa Monastery, Cosauti Monastery, Japca Monastery, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church.

Wineries: Cricova Winery, Milestii Mici Winery, Purcari Winery, Cojusna Winery .

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