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Tour Chisinau Capriana Hincu

This tourist route will pass in priority through the large forest " Codru" . In this beautiful places are located some monasteries of Moldova, namely " Capriana" and " Hincu".

Capriana monastery (Romanian: Manastirea Capriana) is a monastery in Capriana, Moldova, located 40 km north-west of Chisinau, in a hilly land once called Codrii Lapusnei." Capriana" monastery is located in surprising hollow, being surrounded from three parties with wood hills. Everybody is overwhelmed by the beauty place which surrounds the monastery, and also his 15-th century national architecture. It was a spiritual center of medieval Romanian culture and it has beautiful settled down an alley of pyramidal poplars together with chestnuts three churches: "The Sleeping of God's Mother", " Saint George" and " Saint Nicolae"- and a number of auxiliary constructions: pavilions, artesian wells, built in national style, Between 2003 - 2005, to Capriana held extensive restoration with money from the state budget but also from numerous private donors.

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Continuing the route through the heart of Moldavian " Codru", we reach " Hincu" monastery. The center of the monastery represents the summer church that cover the whole monastic complex. The architects, in the process of building have operated with large forms, with the gradual deployment of visual contrast that is combined with hole nature, enveloping the monastery in a picturesque picture. The monastery have very unique locanion from the point of view of relief, a such relief does not meet more at another Bassarabian monastery. Special interest is represented by two churches from stone: the summer church with " Saint Paraschiva" and winter church with " The sleeping of God's Mother" .

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