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Vinarii vermut

Vermouths. Balsamic Wines and Sherries( Heres)

It is considered that the best Vermouth are in Italy, but also those produced in Moldova are highly appreciated by experts and consumers. Sometimes experts believe that Moldovan vermouth are superior quality because of its individuality, in the process of their production are used a variety of flowers, spices and herbs and roots of trees.These plants increase in wild Codri of Moldova, in the valley of Prut and Nistru rivers and even planted in Dubasari Telenesti, Scoreni, Cornesti and Pirlita. After the classic vermouth method are used white table wines that are Feteasca ,Aligote, Rhine Riesling and red - Black Rara, Merlot, Pinot Noir. Those were all treated with charcoal to enhance the flavor ingredients.

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The best vermouths are "Bouquet of Moldova", "Morning Dew", "Romania" and "Autumn", produced in the valley Dubasari old bank and is successfully exported to Russia, Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany. Vermouth is also appreciated like snacks and evening drinks , was successfully used to make cocktails, its gives a specific flavor and rich taste. Moldova is also a producer of wines Blsamice. They are highly appreciated by experts. Moldova produces the next balsmic wines "Oak", "Legend Haiducului," Joy "," Amar-Amar ", they have a great texture and colors and flavors of blackberries, prunes and flowers with a sharp flavor, spicy, and a shade beech color.

Ialoveni boasts being the largest producer of Vermouth in Eastern Europe with a capacity of one million dal and a unique collection of Sherry-type wines from around the world. "IALOVENI Vin have won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals and was appreciated by tens of degrees diplomas, well deserved. It seems that this Spanish specialty find second home in Moldova.

Vermouth great connoisseur of William Shakespeare said: "Come, come, good wine is a good creative family if it is done correctly.

Sure you can convince these statements coming from wine enterprise in Moldova.

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