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Chisinau. Hotel Bella Donna. Moldova

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Chisinau - Moldova

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Hotel Bella Donna invite you for a trip into the heart of Moldova traditions and culture.

Tour Chisinau-Leova, (Valul lui Traian)Cahul The Lower Prut, Albota , Besalma, Chisinau

In the south of Moldova from Nistru to Prut Rivers is ranged "Bugeac Steppe". Historically, Budjak was bordered by the northern Trajan's Wall at its north end, by the Danube river and Black Sea to its south, and by Tigheci Hills to the west, and Nistru river to the east, it was known as historic Bessarabia. On this small peace of land you will discover a lot about Moldova's history.

folclor Our trip will start in Chisinau,(capital of Moldova, the historical, cultural, political, educational center of Moldova), during our way to Leova we will pass through beautiful area of Codri forest, the biggest forest in Moldova.Here it’s opening for the first time on our road the pitoresque panorama of Prut river. Up to Danube the Prut river forms an impressive lake, where you can see rare species of birds like egrets, storks and pelicans, and other plants which are included in Red Book Live of Moldova. For more than 75km the road winds along the river from Leova to Cahul, where you can see the fragment of "Valul lui Traian de sus " ( Upper Trajan's Wave). Also Cahul is an balneo-climatic area with thermal mineral water. So we will visit Nufarul_Alb sanatorium, we'll see the collection of the local museum, and the small medicinal herb nature reserve near the town. folclor The culmination point of first day of our trip will be the scientific nature reserve of the Lower Prut, where once the river flowed, now there is just a little lake called Beleu. Here you will discover for yourself some native animal and plants species. folclor For second day of our trip we prepared a trip through towns and villages mostrly founded by colonists in 19 century. In this villages you'll notice specific traditions and ceremonies, and a specific architecture. This difference appeared after numerous influences of colonists, you'll find here some details that are characteristic to Bulgarians, Gagauzians, Germans, Czechs. The traditions and ceremonies of these ethnic groups have been very well preserved. folclor. For example in Besalma village there is a wonderful museum of Gagauzian culture, where in the cinema room you can see a lot of original films from rich collection, which were shot during important ethno-folkloric events in the Gagauzian region. In the Museum of Ethnography in Comrat, you will paint for you a hole picture of this unique nation of Turkish origin but at the same time with Orthodox Christianity. folclorAlso, you'll see how the spirit of Germans has found it's reflection in the practical houses in the south of Moldova. So passing through small town Cimislia and few villages it will be easy to feel the Germans style in prevalence, brought here by the colonist in the beginning of 19 century.

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