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Chisinau - Moldova

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Dentistry in Moldova
Dentistry in Moldova reached a very high level of development and dentists are trained to perform dental operations or costly interventions. In 2010 prices for dental services will remain at the same level as in the current year we expect even a slight reduction in prices of dental services. Currently, dental clinics in Chisinau are prepared to make any dental intervention. However, prices for dental services rendered in Moldova are 90% lower than in Italy. Prices for services vary depending on the complexity of dental treatment and may even reach several thousand euro.

Moldova Dental Clinics offer the following and Types of services:

1. Chirurgical intervention with modern anesthesia
2. Hygiene help (removing the tartar and deposit of Dental Ultrasonic Scaler with Air-Flow)
3. Dental bleaching
4. Esthetic restoration teeth (dental use of fiber glass, tooth inset, high-quality material photo-polymeric modeling)
5. Qualitative endodontic treatment
6. Modern prosthesis (tooth replacement)
"In the 90 implant was not plugged in Moldova, because it could not be paid. Currently, implant dentistry, in particular the average price is successfully implemented in Moldova, Valeriu explains Fala, Fala-Dental Dental clinic owner.

pastadintiEdward Calfa, deputy director of the dental clinic Ceradent says that in 2010 prices dental services could be reduced to welcome the guests that go to improve the situation and can receive dental treatment. Always the most expensive are dental implant logy services, orthopedic work, aesthetic restorations.

dinti2 In turn, the director of Caracas-Dental clinic Dental Ion Caracas, says that prices for services provided by his clinic are average compared to other clinics in Moldova. Therefore, about 30% of customers are from abroad and 70% - Moldova. However, because dentistry has developed in Eastern Europe and created a major competition dentists in Western countries, the past had to reduce prices, because losing patients. Some clinics in Chisinau are the European ones, so are able to provide quality dental care. "According to the statistics, the number of foreigner people who come Dental Clinics in Moldova (Chisinau) for teeth therapy has increased considerably. dinti3 As practiced in Moldova are becoming more common or so-called Dental Tour .What involves such a tour? Tour involves visiting Moldova by a group of personae that come to Moldova for a certain period of time treatment period consisting of teeth Clinics in Moldova, and meanwhile they can just to visit a number of sights in just Moldova. Hotel’s BellaDonna administration will organiza everything for your dental tour and will provide you accommodatin.Hotel Bella Donna 3 star hotel in Chisinau is a comfortable hotel located in the center of Chisinau, capital of Moldova. Bella Donna has the privilege of being located on a central street of Chisinau, just 10 minutes from Airport hotel is near several dental clinics offering a wide range of dental services at a high quality. Its position is in contact with business centers in Chisinau and the Moldovan historical interest center. If you need dental care visit in Chisinau, Hotel Bella Donna is the optimal place for accommodation.

To visit Moldova dentists you just only need to make a reservation at the Hotel Bella Donna where you will be informed about dentistry in Moldova (Chisinau).

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