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Chisinau. Hotel Bella Donna. Moldova

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Chisinau - Moldova

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Discover Moldova

Period: March-November
Group: 4-18 pers
Price from: 250 euro

Accommodation: 3 Stars hotel in the centre of Chisinau, for 3 nights
Meals: breakfast included
Transportation: airport pick-up, trips by minibus

Day 1
Picking up the tourists at the airport and taking them to the hotel. A guided and panoramic tour of the city, accompanied by wine tastings and introduction to national cuisine.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel.
Guided tour of Moldovan monasteries.
Discover Chisinau's nightlife by spending the evening at one of the finest clubs in the city. Despite its size, Chisinau has a lot to offer in terms of night entertainment; and surely each guest can find something to his or her liking..
Free dental consultation.

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel.
Trip to OrheiulVechi (the Old Orhei), which is an outdoors museum and a ethno-cultural complex. Stops at the touristic pensions and in the following villages: Trebujeni and Butuceni, so that one can experience the authentic rural life.
Return to the hotel.

Day 4
Day off. Transportation from the hotel to the airport.

Discover Moldova

Period: March-November
Group: 4-18 pers
Price from: 280 euro
Accommodation: 3 stars hotel in the center of Chisinau, fro 3 nights
Meals: breakfast included
Transportation: airport pick-up, trips by minibus.

Day I: Discover Moldova through Museums

Chisinau City Tour

Situates on a unique landscape of 7 hills and considered to be one of the greenest cities in Europe, Chisinau prides itself on being architecturally unique and aesthetically pleasant.

National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

The National Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova occupies an important positions among the variety of museums in the Republic of Moldova.
It is the ideal place to visit it one is curious about the details of Moldova's history and doesn't have time to visit every location in person.

Chisinau's Nightlife

Notwithstanding its size, Chisinau is extremely diverse when it comes to nightlife. At dusk, all the establishments are welcoming guests with their bright lights and every one of them strives to impress its guests.
The nightclubs of Chisinau have something to offer for both residents and guests. The liberating darkness creates an exclusive atmosphere and even the most daring project can transcend from fantasy to reality.

Day 2: Moldavian traditions in cuisine and wine-making

Visiting the Cricova Factory (the Professional package includes the tasting of 5 wines)

Cricova is a true jewel when it comes to Moldavian wine making. While driving along the streets and boulevards names after different sorts of wines, one will have the opportunity to take it all the beauty and wonder of this underground town.

Visiting OrheiulVechi (the Old Orhei)- open air museum and ethno-cultural complex

The Old Orhei is an ethno-cultural complex that showcases the remains of different civilizations that once populated the space between the Nistru and Prut rivers.
It is not only the landscape that catches the eye. The visitors are shown several caves, both natural and man-made; and some of those caves were turned into monasteries by early Christian monks, who have upgraded what the prehistoric tribes have done originally.
If one wishes to get the full experience, then it is advisable to visit these caves during the Christian Holidays; although the caves will not be any less spectacular any other time of the year.
Finally, you will be able to enjoy traditional Moldovan cuisine at the guest house. The hosts will serve food like: chicken zeama (chicken noodle soup), mamalinga (polenta dish) a large variety of home-made pies and of course, home-made wines.

Day 3: The "Cross of the Codru"

This is a unique Moldovan biking trail, its roads being almost completely void of traffic, excellent views, picturesque forests and several small villages along the path.
The main attraction of this tour are the four monasteries (Frumoasa, Reciula, Hirjauca, Hirbovat), all of them located in the Codruforrest. Two of them are for nuns, while the other two are for monks. Their distinctiveness lies in the fact that all of them are facing East, welcoming the sunrise; and they are positioned in such a way that together they form a cross.
Phone.: +373 22 548207
Phone/Fax: +373 22 548514
Gsm: +373 79062985

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