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What is business tourism and why is it important for Moldova?


Following the global trend business tourism which is the youngest (began to develop in the 70s of the 20th century) and fastest growing tourism sector is actively developing not only worldwide but also in the Republic of Moldova.

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Statistics shows that nowadays one in every four tourist trips in the world is made because of business necessity. Although business travelers constitute only 20-25 % in general tourist flow, they account for 60% of the total turnover of tourist industry.

The English acronym MICE is a special term which is used in international practice of business tourism to denote the key English words characterizing the main components of business tourism industry:
M - Meetings
I - Incentives
С - Conferences or Congress
E - Exhibitions and Events

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In world practice the bulk of business tourism is presented by individual business trips related to meetings industry which constitute about 70% of all business trips; the other three sectors (conferences, incentives and exhibitions) account for an average 10% each.
The basic points explaining why business tourism will be developing and why we pay great attention to it are as follows:
1) it is less affected by the changing political environment in the world;
2) the distinctive feature of business programs is their independence from the season;
3) business trips are usually planned beforehand - at least six months before, and it makes their dynamics predictable and stable;
4) Profitability: business-tours are oriented towards a middle-and high-income consumer, the basic package is paid by a corporate-organisation which is the originator of an event.

The following points can be considered the main tendencies of business tourism development worldwide: the increase of the intellectual component, strong demand for branch exhibitions, reducing of the average duration of meetings. An important tendency in the MICE industry development is the growth of the interest and number of incentive tours, encouragement or bonus trips organized by companies for their employees and paid from the corporate budget. Annually about 300 billion dollars is spent on incentives all over the world. Today it is generally admitted that incentive trips are the most important tool of personnel management and a major factor in motivating employees to work effectively in a team. 70% incentive tours are made in Europe, and the largest supplier of customers is the U.S. market.

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That explains the fact that the number of small hotels in Moldova's capital is increasing. Moldova does not meet the influx of traveling tourists therefore the policy in this sphere is generally aimed at business tourism. And this is the right approach. A small hotel can provide services of much higher quality than a huge hotel complex. Each client is given special attention and care.

Considering all these points, the hotel "Bella Donna" created all the necessary conditions to provide the high level of our clients business trip.

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