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Chisinau - Moldova

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Wine Collections

Moldova is an agricultural country, maybe this is the reason of it’s wine-making traditions. Moldovan cellars and wine collection illustrate the nation’s long history of wine growing and wine production. Wine-making are one of the country’s main assets, as they conserve and a symbol of the country’s richness, quality products and history.

Being kept in underground caves, they mature slowly in the dark at constant low temperature and they developed subtle bouquets and flavours. White wines have golden colour and the ruby and brick colour of reds one, as well they combined the aromas of freshly wood-baked bread, and dried fruits and herbs into one specific but pleasant bouquet. Tasting an old Traminer or a dry Muscat you will feel the taste of dill and a taste of honeycomb in the dessert wines, like Gratiesti , Nectar, Trandafirul Moldovei, Auriu, and Moldovan Muscat. An old Cahor bears the taste and An aroma of chocolate, coffee, dried prunes and black cherry jam is persisting in Cahor wines.

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Moldova have a big wine patrimony, visitors can choose any of 15 collections stored in cellars. The total quantity of wine stored inthese cellars vary from 10-50 thousand to 1 million bottles of selected " Divines" and wines. The most famous and valuable cellars are: Cricova, Milestii Mici, Cojusna, Stauceni( The National Winegrowing and Wine-making College), Chisinau (The National Institute of Wine and Vineyards, " Vismos", " Aroma"), Ialoveni, Balti, Peresecina, Hincesti, Taraclia,Comrat, Borgeag, Ciumai, and Tiraspol.

In Cricova you’ll discover a Jewish kosher wine, dating from 1902 and a part of Ghering’s collection dating from before second world war. In Cricova cellar are kept many wines from the 50’s, here visitors have the possibilities to buy many souvenirs of rare wines. At Cricova and Milestii Mici visitors walk down real streets in an underground town, situated at a depth of between 30 and 150 meters. The total length of the cavern street is 100km( Cricova) and 50km( Milestii Mici). These underground streets have names just like towns at ground level, appropriately taken from wines- Cabernet, Aligote, Feteasca and so on.

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