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Production of Wines in Moldova

Moldova is a country with tradition in production of wines. Since ancient times, Moldovan citizen have practiced the art of making wine from grapes. Long time ago ( in some sources 8th century BC) the Thracians brought to the inhabitants of the territory that comprises modern Moldova, the secret of wine making.


Long time, wine for local tribes was a prestigious trade commodity, as well as Bible said wine- sources of health. After some time, the local population started to freeze wine, so the Dacians not only drank but also ate wine.The migration of population, in the period of Burebista reign, extended wine tradition to another regions. In that century Burebista prohibited and dug up all the wines, but when the Romans annexed this territory (in the first century AD) they discovered that viticulture is still alive, and the lands with grapes was once again flourishing.


When Moldova gets its independence, numerous landowners and especially the monasteries were owning extensive vineyards, and were involved in the process of making wine. Finally, in 18th century Moldovans produced the highest quality wines and started to export them in Russia, Hungary and Transylvania. Even Dimitri Cantemir ( Moldovan writer) mentioned in his description of Moldova, about big demand for Moldovan wines.


Wine were stored and shipped in oak barrels, it increases wine’s resistance to deathwatch beetles. This technology is used and our-days, it is believed that the quality of the tree are transmitted through the wine to the drinker.


142000 ha of Republic of Moldova territory is wine-yards, this exclude the fact that every inhabitant of a Moldovan village has at his home everything needed to make his own wine( wine press, vat, casks), using 180 wine-making plants. This wine-yards give an amount of grapes that permit to produce 12-14 mil deciliters of brut wine.


The "Wine Road in Moldova" involves 29 wineries, the most famous are: Cricova, Nisporeni, Milestii Mici, Purcari, Romanesti, Cimislia, Ciumai, Comrat, Dubasari, Trifesti, Ialoveni etc. If you will desire to get to Moldova for wine tourism purpose you will never regret. You will have the possibilities to taste, enjoy and appreciate the real value wines, sparkling wines, brandies, cognacs, as well sherries and so on.


Hotel Bella Donna, will not provide you just accommodation but as well will organize for you a tour to Moldovan Wineries, whichever you prefer. You will have an unforgettable excursion within underground wine towns with wine degustation, traditional food and souvenirs,whichever you prefer!!!!!

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